Concentration or diversification ?

Many time without writing in my blog …… I come back to this world with something really useful for the companies » CONCENTRATION / DIVERSIFICATION when we decide go out to the foreign markets . It is not an easy task ¡¡¡ When we choose to do a market expansion , it involves an allocationSigue leyendo «Concentration or diversification ?»

Marketing control , why?

Hi my entrepreneurs hearts ¡¡¡¡ Today I come back with something important if you re an entrepreuner or you re thinking in it . Our company must be evaluated constantly because evaluating means looking at the results of our marketing strategies  to take corrective actions and the goals are attained . It s very importantSigue leyendo «Marketing control , why?»

cómo conseguir que tu cliente te ame ¡¡¡

buenas tardes amores de fresa , hoy vengo con pequeños truquitos para que tu cliente te ame : qué debemos hacer ? ser un payaso NO pero ser esa persona que hace cosas increibles YES 😉 El producto puede vender si es bueno pero lo que vende ERES TU y te comprarán por ser túSigue leyendo «cómo conseguir que tu cliente te ame ¡¡¡»

Cuentame con sabor a vintage ;)

Buenas noches mis amores , Lo primero de todo pedir disculpas por no escribir hace unos días pero tuve unos días un poco liadillos entre trabajo y formación ……….. pero vengo con algo que os gustará » un cafe & shop vintage » muy especial que descubrí estos días de atrás en Burgos . OsSigue leyendo «Cuentame con sabor a vintage ;)»

your company needs to go abroad ? to die or survive ?

hello everybody ¡¡¡ today I want to talk us about someting that is very important for being succesful in new markets –  how can we segment the international markets ? Operating in many countries presents new challenges ; the different countries of the world even those that are close together , can vary in theirSigue leyendo «your company needs to go abroad ? to die or survive ?»

Great salespeople : building skills for being succesful

good night to everybody today I want to write about something really important in a company » great salespeople and their skills » because through this person the sales grow up . DRIVE , DISCIPLINE , RELATIONSHIP – BUILDING SKILLS what sets great salespeople apart from all the rest ? 4 talents and these talentsSigue leyendo «Great salespeople : building skills for being succesful»