Marketing control , why?

Hi my entrepreneurs hearts ¡¡¡¡

Today I come back with something important if you re an entrepreuner or you re thinking in it . Our company must be evaluated constantly because evaluating means looking at the results of our marketing strategies  to take corrective actions and the goals are attained . It s very important that our goals are in front of us .

marketing control
marketing control

We must ask us :

-what do we want to achieve ? I mean SET GOALS .


-Why is it happening ? I mean EVALUATE PERFORMANCE.

-What should we do about it ? I mean TAKE A CORRECTIVE ACTION . how? changing the program until it works .

Then , there are 2 types of control which  must know distinguish  : the operating control and strategic control .

the first one – we should ensure that our business achieves sales and profits or maybe another goals in our annual plan . Also, if our products are profitable in the different markets .

the second one – if our strategies are well matched to its opportunities . Here, there is a major tool which is marketing audit . To know the problem areas and the opportunities. We must assess overall : the marketing environment, marketing strategy , marketing organisation , marketing mix and the profitability .

Finally, we ve to know which are corrective actions that make sense and how and when could implement them .

I hope that this lesson is good for you .

thanks ¡¡¡¡

Beatriz Martínez