Formular una tendencia … parte II

Buenas tardes ❤️❤️ Hoy vuelvo a vosotr@s con la segunda parte sobre la tendencia «feminista» que observé y por eso hice la práctica sobre ello . Esta segunda parte trata sobre el feminismo como marca . Las formas de expresión más allá de la moda ………… -En marketing : En el día Internacional de laSigue leyendo «Formular una tendencia … parte II»

Marketing control , why?

Hi my entrepreneurs hearts ¡¡¡¡ Today I come back with something important if you re an entrepreuner or you re thinking in it . Our company must be evaluated constantly because evaluating means looking at the results of our marketing strategies  to take corrective actions and the goals are attained . It s very importantSigue leyendo «Marketing control , why?»

your company needs to go abroad ? to die or survive ?

hello everybody ¡¡¡ today I want to talk us about someting that is very important for being succesful in new markets –  how can we segment the international markets ? Operating in many countries presents new challenges ; the different countries of the world even those that are close together , can vary in theirSigue leyendo «your company needs to go abroad ? to die or survive ?»