Great salespeople : building skills for being succesful

good night to everybody

today I want to write about something really important in a company ” great salespeople and their skills ” because through this person the sales grow up .


Sales growth by salespeople
Sales growth by salespeople

what sets great salespeople apart from all the rest ?

4 talents and these talents are :

intrinsic motivation

disciplined work style

the ability to close a sale

the ability to build relationships with customers : the most important talent ¡¡¡¡¡

1- intrinsic motivation – “differents things drive different people ” but one thing in common of all great salespeople ” an unrelenting drive to excel ” that means to be extremely good at something . It could be shaped and molded but it couldn t be taught . The sources of motivation varies .

2- disciplined work style – whatever their motivation , if salespeople aren t organised and focused and also if they don t work hard they can t meet the demands of  customers .

Nowadays , salespeople should have differentiation for being differents from the rest .

They are tenacious about organised plans and follow through in a disciplined way . The top sellers rely on hard work not luck but luck happens to the best salespeople when they get up early and they work late , stay up till 2 in the morning working on a proposal ………

3- the ability to close a sale – NO CLOSE , NO SALE ¡¡¡¡ 😉

Great closers are like great athletes . They re not afraid to fail and they don t give up until they close . They have a high level of self-confidance and believe that they are doing the right thing .

4- the ability to build relationships with customers – top salespeople are customer -problem solvers  and relationships builders .

they have an understanding of their customers ‘ needs . The terms which are importants to build are : empathetic , patient , caring , responsive and good listeners and also even honest


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Beatriz martínez




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