how consumers make their buying decisions ?

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2 POSTS in the same day , 2*1 . I think that it s important to know the buyer decision process for a long -term relationship. ( i said it previously : selling process vs marketing process ) . Marketing is our diary routine .

well , how consumers make buying decisions ? we have 5 stages that a good marketer must know 😉

  1. need recognition
  2. information search
  3. evaluation of alternatives
  4. purchase decision
  5. post purchase behaviour

A good marketer must focus on the entire process not only on the purchase decision .

skin pro vs clinique  buyer decision process
skin pro vs clinique buyer decision process

we start with the «need recognition» – it has to be a need or a problem for buying a product ; this need or problem can be triggered by internal stimuli and external stimuli  . Here , the marketer should research consumers to find out what kinds of needs arise .

after that , the information search : nowadays there is much information by internet  but if a satisfying product is near , then one person goes to buy it . Several sources that must know a marketer : personal sources such as family , friends ; commercial sources such as sales people , advertising , displays ; public sources such as mass media ; experiential sources such as people using the product .

for ex if I m interested in buying a tool for cleaning my skin  : I can see advertising in the media and that product can be good but if one person give me an experience about it I LL BUY THAT RECOMENDED EXPERIENCED BECAUSE I CAN TRY THE PRODUCT .

The marketer must prospect for having knowledge of the brand and they should ask about how a consumer heard about it m what information they received , what importance they place on differents information sources . A PRECISE STUDY ¡¡¡

in the evaluation of alternatives we must know that  a consumer sees a product as a set of product attributes (quality , price, ease of use , size of travel )

there are different degrees of importance to different attributes according to his /her unique needs ; the brand image is important too ; total product satisfaction is evaluated .

the marketer must predice which product one person will buy and should study buyers to find out how they evaluate the brand . If they know what evaluative processes go on , they can take steps to influence the buyers decision .

the storytelling can be a method for changing the influence of people because it will give experiences lived that the competitive companies don t make it .

Purchase decision 

the most preferred brand , when the consumer buys the product .

here , we must pay attention on purchase intention and on purchase decision because purchase intention can change for the attitudes of others and the purchase decision can appear unexpected situational factors for ex other purchases may become more urgent .

post purchase behaviour VERY IMPORTANT ¡¡¡¡ 

The job of marketer doesn t end when the product is bought because the consumer will be satisfied or dissatisfied – THE IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING – LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS

what determines wheter the buyer is satisfied / dissatisfied with the purchase ?

the answer will be the relationship between costumer ‘s expectation and product ‘s perceived performance .

consumers base their expectations on information they receive from sellers , friends .


Why is it so important to satisfy a customer? such satisfaction is important because a company’s sales come from 2 basic groups : new customers and retained customers . It usually costs more to attract new one than to retain the current one and which is the best way to retain it ? to keep them satisfied because they will buy again and talk favorebly to others about the product and pay less attention to competitors and advertising .

the aim is a delight customer ¡¡¡¡¡¡

attention ¡¡¡¡ to a dissatisfied customer too because gripes to 12 people whereas a satisfied customer tells 3 people about a good product experience .

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