selling concept Vs marketing concept

Good afternoon with something different …..

Something that I find it very important for the success of a company ; and many companies don t tend to make it .

What are the differences between selling concept and mk concept ?

selling concept vs marketing concept
selling concept vs marketing concept

Firstly , I ll explain what is the selling concept

what is the aim ? to sell what a company makes instead of what the market needs . It focuses on creating sales transactions rather than on building long -term relationships with customers . Here , a dissastified customer will not buy again and it s for that reason a company will fail because a satisfied customer will tell to others about his /her experience THIS CUSTOMER WILL RECOMMEND .

And then , the mk concept

what is the goal of this marketing concept ? to determine the needs and wants of a target market but the most important will be delivering satisfaction in a better way than competitors . They are always good because we can learn of what they make . In the mind of any enterpreuner – WE RE NOT SATISFIED UNTIL YOU RE ¡¡¡¡¡

The selling concept  takes an inside outside perspective

what is the starting poing ? the factory

focus on existing products through selling and promotion means

to end with a profits in sales  BUT what does it means ?


The marketing concept takes an outside inside perspective and the starting point will be the market which is well -defined .

Focus on customer needs and wants through integrated mk ( all activities are interrelated)  and to end with profits but these profits will come from a customer satisfaction . what does it means ?


What is a customer ? THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON OF A COMPANY . It must be ” the purpose of a company” .

thanks to everybody

Beatriz martínez


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